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Merlin? FMA 2003? WHERE!?

6 May
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First of all, I am a writer so I may ask to join some diverse communities for research purposes

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My computer name is Tansy, I'm 19 years old and my personality seems to be a weird mix between Ed and Al's. (Or if you know of the Harry Potter Fandom think Hermione and Luna, mostly Hermione though) Yeah I'm a walking contradiction. I'm a 5.0 blue eyed redhead with the most freakishly pale skin you will ever see (minus albinos) yeah my skin looks blue in pools to give you an idea. I'm a thinker and a writer though I also love to read and draw. I have Aspergurs Syndrome (medically diagnosed D<) and I'm also deeply in love. (yes people I'm taken! taken taken taken!) I've met my soul mate <3 She and I met in real the summer before last

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Have You Taken the Oath?