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Yeah I've had this problem for AGES I'd use all sorts of chapsticks, NOTHING 
Due to an injury to my lips recently and getting scabs from it that where almost impossible to keep on long enough to have things heal, I FINALLY Found a Solution. 

First of all those of you using chapstick to try to fix the problum PITCH IT! Chapstick Might be good for keeping your lips from drying when they are not dried already but for those of us who have Seriusly dried lips,  Its not strong enough, In otherwords its a preventative not a cure.

Now go out and buy "Blistex" Medicated Lip Ointment. Blistex has lots of lip products so let me descripe the one I'm talking about a bit more. Instead of the usual chapstick despenser it comes in a tube it looks like a miniature version of the kind most ointments come in.  The stuff inside is white and has to be squeezed out.  it works best if you squeese a bit onto your finger then rub it on your lips.

The stuff inside is amazing just make sure you reapply it when it has mostly soaked in.

it might take a few days but the results are Amazing! I also bought a chapstick from the company I'm gonna try out soon 
Latley Reading harry potter and hearing what Jk Rowling has said about hermione I've noticed Just how much uncanily like me she is. unless you have been an insecure know it all youself chances are you dont understand what goes on inside hermione After all it's not what you would think at all. There is a reason hermione has to constantly demeonstrate how smart she is. Its not to show off to others. 
It's to prove it to herself, Interested? read on.

Reader ravenclaw wrote about 

Ummm I don't think soooo

Just saw this Harry Potter essay right here: http://hpcompanion.com/ps/psessay/#comment-14290

It sorta gets annoying how people make essays that are just so obviously faulty. The writer doesn't get Dumbledore's personality AT ALL. That and one of the things they say is blatantly controdicted by the book! If you are going to write an essay at least do more research!

anyway... Here is my reply:

I’m not so sure about all of this. Dumbledore Shows he doesn’t judge people based on the house’s they get sorted into. I don’t think he was worried about Harry like you present it. Besides If Dumbledore KNEW a professor had Something bad about them (especially with Voldemort) his reaction would not be to Just give them the defense against the dark arts job, it would be to get them out of Hogwarts and stop it instantly! You are forgetting one VERY crucial thing. Dumbledore cares deeply about his students. He would not willingly let them be exposed to danger. Also you say Quirrell was an “average” wizard. This is not the case at all. Hagrid said he was rather “Brilliant” in the past. It is almost certain he knows oculemency, or Voldemort did it for him. This also fits much better with Dumbledore telling Snape to “keep an eye” on him. He suspects there might be something up with him but does not know it for sure.

Part of the honneymoon

Heh-heh I know one of the places my love is gonna want to go on our planed honneymoon to disneyworld

anyway we... er mostly I have been planing the honey moon for awhile, we are not officialy engaged yet... but we both have promise rings and all and we know we as soul mates!

We're gonna stay at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort most likly but I'll still look at the others. Anyway I do know one of the places shes gonna want to go to is this: http://www.themarysue.com/disney-avatar-attractions/  


Gaia Me

Seriusly that should be a deviant art stamp. this whole anti twilight thing is getting realy anoying. I dont hate twilight, but I don't love it either. People complain about Twi-Hearts. But realy people realy? I've never been annoyed by a pro-twilight fan. in fact its easy enough to not run across them. but constantly having anti twilight stamps shoved in my face? That gets a BIT anoying. I also find it funny that some of those people who are so anti twilight have not even READ it!

"real vampires do not sparkle"

"real vampires" do not exist!



Hello all If you hadn't noticed hubedihubbe.deviantart.com/ took down a lot of her FMA art without warning. As an aspiring FMA artist and rabid FMA fan I collect FMA pictures and art done in the style of FMA. unfortunately I only had roughly half of her pictures saved on my computer. I was wondering if anyone else had any of her work saved on their computer and could send it to me via email if I gave you my email adress?


Writer's Block: Give me a sign

If your astrological sign has changed, do you think your personality more resembles your current or past sign?

WAY my past one


wanting art please!

 Hello artists... um yeah.... for a special surprise for my love's birthday I'm making a youtube video of me singing a traditional hebrew love song.... I'd realy like to use pictures of us by various artist's for the visuals in the video.  sorta as a slideshow going by...   Um instead of just reposting my request over and over I made this so I can link to it.

pictures of us will be provided if anyone is interested! Oh, and we're both girls....


japan and bad news

 I'm not even sure what to say about japan. I mean what can I say. it scares me all these natural disasters and the people.... poor them.... the people are handling it amazingly though, no looting panic or mobs, people walking in an orderly way... wow... that thats something you would never see in america. and guess what they bombers in lybia keep bombing... cant they give it a rest? even for a day? or is there nothing that can stop their obsession with destruction? 

poor japan? what will happen now?

then the republicans speaking their usual "what people want to hear" screw everyone who needs government protection mantra... how can they sleep at night?